Can You Take LED Lights on a Plane? Travel Tips & Guidelines

Are you worried about taking your LED lights on a flight? 

Can you take LED lights on a plane? 

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules can sometimes be a bit complicated, so we’ll break this question down for you!

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What the TSA rules say about LED lights aboard a plane
  • Top tips for traveling with LED lights
  • Other types of lights you can bring onboard
  • Things to remember when packing your LED lights.

Let’s get into it!

Can You Take LED Lights on a Plane?

The answer is yes! In most cases, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, to guarantee ease of travel, it’s worth checking TSA rules beforehand and being ready for a discussion with TSA agents. 

Also, it’s best to have some documentation on hand and knowledge about the relevant rules surrounding LEDs. A bit of preparation can save you a lot of time and money in the long run!

TSA Rules Regarding LED Lights on a Plane 

So, you’re planning to bring some LED lights on your trip. Will the TSA let you? Here are some rules you need to be familiar with!

Carry-on vs. Checked Bag 

According to the TSA website, LED lights are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags. Despite that, the website provides a disclaimer stating that the TSA officer still has the final say about whether an item can pass through the checkpoint.

So even if your LED lights are fully compliant, the TSA officer can decide at their discretion not to let you bring them aboard!

Restrictions on Batteries 

It’s important to know the type of batteries within your LED lights. There are three types of commonly used batteries for LEDs: lithium-ion, alkaline, and NiMH ones. 

For example, lithium batteries are not always allowed on planes, whether that’s in check-in or carry-on. 

Lithium batteries with 100 watt-hours or less are allowed on carry-on, but there are special instructions for checked bags. However, if your lithium battery has more than 100 watt-hours, you can only bring them in carry-on bags and only with airline approval.

If you have alkaline and NiMH batteries instead, these are a bit more straightforward. In their most common sizes, they’re generally allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.

Concerned about your LED lights? It’s important to first understand what type of battery they’re using so you’re able to discuss these rules with TSA officers!

Tips for Traveling with LED Lights 

By now, you should have a good idea of whether you can bring your lights with you. Here are some more tips to keep in mind so you’re prepared for any scenario!

Be Prepared with Documentation 

As previously mentioned, the final decision for your LED light being allowed on the plane goes back to the TSA officer. Therefore, it’s best to not leave anything to chance. 

Bring the correct, up-to-date information about your device and batteries. For example, it’s a great idea to bring the user guide that states the battery type and sizes.

Know the TSA Regulations 

You have to be ready to have a conversation with the TSA officers, so it’s best to know the relevant information surrounding LED lights. As mentioned above, you can take LED lights on checked baggage and carry-on, but it might be the batteries that trip you up in the end!

Check the regulations for your specific battery and be ready to discuss it with your TSA officer. Additionally, because of the risk of fire, regulations state that you should separate all removable batteries whenever possible.

If you can’t, you should still be able to carry it on as long as the battery is below 100 watt-hours. It’s possible that the TSA officer may not know all of the specifics of these rules, so it’s important to communicate this as effectively as possible.

Communicate with Airport Security 

Be open and ready for a chat with airport security. Communication always makes a huge difference, whether that’s about your battery type or size or the regulations.

Shutting down or being resistant to these conversations can result in your LED lights being confiscated. Remember that the TSA officers have the final say, so always be polite, clear, and communicative!

Other Types of Lights Allowed on a Plane 

Aside from LED lights, what else can you bring on the plane? Check these out:


According to the TSA, flashlights are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags. No need to leave them behind!


While lamps aren’t specifically mentioned on the TSA website, customers took to Twitter to ask about restrictions around lamps. The TSA did respond and said that lamps aren’t prohibited in carry-on bags.

Still, the TSA recommends packing lamps in checked bags and reminds passengers that TSA officers still have the final say about it!

Light Bulbs 

Like flashlights, the TSA also allows light bulbs both in your carry-on and checked bags.

Packing Tips for Bringing LED Lights on a Plane

There are different things you can do to make the process of security checks a lot easier with your LED lights. Putting them in checked bags, adding notes, and explaining them properly to airport security officers can go a long way!

Placing in Checked Bag 

While there are differing opinions on whether placing your LED light in a checked bag or carry-on is better, placing lights in checked baggage might be the easier option. However, it’s still important to add a note to it.

At the checked bag control, simply explain the lights you’ve packed inside. Ideally, use the oversized section since they can scan your baggage straight away and give you the go-ahead. 

Adding a Note 

If you’re putting your LED lights into a checked bag, there’s less ability to communicate with the security officers. 

To be safe, the best thing to do is write a note and put it in an accessible place over your bag explaining the type of batteries and the watt-hour limits, as well as your name and number in case they need to contact you. 

This will save time for the officers and ensure the ease of travel for you and your LED light. 

Explaining to Airport Security 

Being open to communication is your best tool for making this an efficient process. Do your research on TSA rules and have the correct documentation ready, and it’s likely you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to traveling with your LED light!


It’s perfectly doable to take your LED lights on a plane! However, since the TSA officer has the final right to say no, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the regulations and be ready to advocate for your lights. 

The first step should be understanding your battery type and getting the correct documentation to prove it, then being ready to communicate with the officers. 

It should be a relatively straightforward process anyway, but it’ll be even easier if you follow our suggestions in this article. Happy travels!

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