How To Choose Modern Chandeliers: Expert Tips for Your Home

If you are looking for a unique way to light up your home, a chandelier may be a great pick!

While people often think chandeliers can be dated, in reality, there is a wide range of modern chandeliers that complement many different styles. 

When picking a chandelier, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. 

What styles of modern chandeliers are there? Where should you install one? What size should you pick? 

Luckily for you, we’ve got all the best tips when it comes to picking the perfect modern chandelier! Today, we’ll be taking a look at: 

  • Understanding different chandelier styles and designs
  • Factors to consider when choosing a modern chandelier
  • Where to install a modern chandelier
  • Tips for buying the perfect modern chandelier

Let’s jump right into it! 

How To Choose Modern Chandeliers

When choosing a modern chandelier, there are a few factors to consider. These include the chandelier’s style, size, lighting function, and price. 

By ensuring that your chosen chandelier matches the decor of your home, will fit nicely in the space, will adequately light the room, and is within your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect modern chandelier for your home!

Understanding Chandelier Styles and Designs

Before you pick a chandelier, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different styles and designs that they come in. 

Matching the specific design of the chandelier with the style that is present throughout your home is the best way to ensure your lighting fixture doesn’t look out of place!

Modern Chandelier Design

A modern chandelier design is going to look (as the name suggests) modern and chic. 

Picture clean, classy, and functional. This is a great pick if you’re going for a simple and elegant look. 

Contemporary Chandelier Design

If you’re leaning more towards minimalism and originality, then a contemporary chandelier design may work best for you! 

This design often utilizes unique shapes and formations to create a contemporary spin on a classic chandelier. 

Rustic Chandelier Design

For a more simple look that moves closer to nature and rustic living, perhaps try out a rustic chandelier design. 

This type of chandelier often includes wooden framework, iron detailing, and warm-toned bulbs. 

Farmhouse / Craftsman Chandelier Design

Similar to the rustic chandelier, a farmhouse or craftsman chandelier design provides a more simple and homely look. 

You can expect to see wooden or metal framework, glass casings, and exposed bulbs to bring that farmhouse ambiance. 

Industrial Chandelier Design

This design of the chandelier mimics lighting that you may encounter in an industrial factory. 

The exposed wooden or metal framework makes for a clean, simple, and functional design. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Modern Chandelier

When picking out your modern chandelier, be sure to take a moment to consider these key factors. 

Size and scale

Take into account the size of the room in which you plan to install the chandelier. You don’t want to hang a huge chandelier in a tiny bedroom; doing so will likely crowd the space and overshadow the other decor. 

Lighting function

Chandeliers aren’t just for looking pretty – they also light your room! 

If you plan on installing a chandelier in a room that needs a good deal of light (such as an office or kitchen), consider how much light it will need to emit. 

From there, you can pick a suitable style with an appropriate light level. 

Style and aesthetic

You don’t want a chandelier hanging in the middle of your room that completely clashes with the general style and aesthetic of the space. 

Try and match the style of your chandelier with the aesthetic of the room that you are installing it in for a cohesive look. 

Where to Install a Modern Chandelier

So, you have your heart set on having a modern chandelier in your home – but you have no idea where to install it. 

Not to worry! Here are some great locations to install your modern chandelier in your home:

Dining room

Make every meal an occasion by creating a classy atmosphere. The dining room is a great location for a chandelier as it livens up the space and gives it an elegant touch. 

Living room

Often one of the most frequented rooms in any home, the living room is a popular pick when it comes to chandelier installation. 

This is a great choice if you’re really wanting to put your chandelier on display in a location where you will be able to admire it. 


Is there a better first impression than a gorgeous chandelier in the entryway of a home? 

Installing a chandelier in your entryway is a great way to both welcome and impress visitors, and is a unique way to light this space. 


Your bedroom is generally the most personalized room in your home; why not customize it further with a chandelier that reflects your unique style? 

The bedroom is a great place to install more unique styles of chandeliers that suit your tastes. 

Other areas of the home

Don’t limit yourself to only the most common areas of the home! 

Whether it’s the study, guest room, or even the bathroom, chandeliers can be installed in almost any room – just be sure you are picking the right size for the space. 

Tips for Buying the Perfect Modern Chandelier

On the hunt for a great modern chandelier to bring some light and class to your living space? Here are some top tips that will help you choose the perfect one! 

Consider the size of the space

You don’t want to install a chandelier that is too big or too small for your space.

Take a look at your room and choose a chandelier size that won’t overcrowd it, but will still be large enough to catch your eye and light up the room. 

Determine the desired lighting effect

Are you wanting a soft glow for aesthetic purposes? Or, will the chandelier be the sole light source in the room? 

Determine how much light this chandelier will need to give off and what lighting effects you are looking for!

Choose a style that complements the overall decor

Make sure you pick a style of chandelier that matches the overall decor of your home. 

For example, a rustic wooden chandelier may look out of place in a modern, sleek kitchen space. 

Consider the maintenance and cleaning requirements

Chandeliers will require some maintenance and upkeep. 

Before you pick one out, make sure that you will be able to meet the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the particular style. 

Set a budget

Some styles of chandeliers can get quite pricey, so be sure you have set out a budget before you start shopping. 

This will save time as well, as you won’t be wasting hours browsing chandeliers that don’t fit within your budget! 

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